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        English    |    ChineseWelcome to Zhejiang Feiyi Power Machinery Co.,Ltd.!

        Flying Power Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhejiang million was established in 2007, headquartered in the "China Economic cradle stock cooperative system", "the birthplace of China's private economy" Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, is the well-known "power machinery manufacturer" has a good brand visibility and market reputation, has been committed to being a flagship enterprise of power machinery and work hard.

        Zhejiang billion-Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is a collection development, production, sales of high-tech enterprise, specializing in the production of small generators (diesel, gasoline), water pumps, pressure washers, garden machinery and other products. Now has a highly qualified technical development and production team, with perfect production management system so that every nuance than the product strive for perfection. The products have been exported to more than forty countries and regions, and set up its own sales companies in Germany, France, the majority of users friends love and trust.

        Power Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Fly million vigorously expand the domestic market, while still constantly optimize the product structure, improving quality and technological content of products. And has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system, CE (European security), GS (German safety) certification.

        Flying million people always uphold honesty, quality first business philosophy; quality as the center, market-oriented, and constantly increase investment in technological innovation; talent is the first capital of the company, focusing on talent development, training and personnel team building; continue to provide users with high-quality products and perfect after-sale service, continue to contribute to the progress of human civilization.

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